Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Wife & I enjoyed tonight’s grand kitschy finale to two-plus weeks of pretty juicy Winter Games. It was most gratifying to see the great William Shatner, the glorious Catherine O’Hara & the valiant Michael J. Fox trotted out as the elder spokespersons for their country.

I honored Canada this weekend by watching Goin’ Down the Road, Don Shebib’s Canuck classic from 1970 about two rubes (Doug McGrath & Paul Bradley) from the Maritimes struggling to make it in Toronto…

Great stuff, with a painfully documentary feel, but it was hard to get the wonderful SCTV parody of it out of my head while watching it.

Keith Olbermann delivered one of his most affecting perorations this past week, about his father’s illness & how it relates to the vile “Death Panel” calumny. Check it out.

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