Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Groundhog Day.

My Mom always pointed out that, living in Erie, having only six more weeks of winter was reason enough to celebrate.

In Phoenix, of course, we root for Phil to see his shadow.

This year’s Oscar nominations were announced this morning. Three remarks on this:

First, great though Christopher Plummer was in The Last Station, I still hope that Christoph Waltz wins for Inglourious Basterds.

Second, though I think, on the whole, that the new policy of ten Best Picture nominees rather than five is a bad idea, I can’t help but be pleased that it’s afforded a nomination to District 9, which for imaginative use of the sci-fi-parable form makes Avatar look like an airbrush painting on the side of a stoner’s van.

Finally, give it up for The Wife! She wrote down her predictions last night, & she missed on only three counts—guessing that Peter Sarsgaard (for An Education) & Christian McKay (for Me & Orson Welles) would get Best Supporting Actor nods, & that Marion Cotillard rather than Penelope Cruz would get the nod for Nine. Otherwise she was spot-on, across the board. I should take her to Vegas & put money on her picks for the winners.

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