Monday, October 31, 2016


Once again—Happy Halloween!

Here’s a sample of The Wife’s seasonal tableaux:

In other matters autumnal, this weekend I took The Wife, The Kid and The Kid’s Friend to the last weekend of the 2016 Arizona State Fair. Outrageously expensive as always, but fun. While The Kid and Friend went on rides, The Wife and I feasted on Shepherd’s Pie Poutine, Strawberry Funnel Cake and…Deep Fried Watermelon.

Don’t judge. It was surprisingly yummy—the crunchy, hearty batter and the light melon go together better than you’d expect. As The Wife put it, maybe it wasn’t $11 good, but it was good.

A few months ago we said farewell to one of the all-time great horror hosts, “Chilly Billy” Cardille, and now we must likewise wish R.I.P. to one of the true Old Masters of the form: John Zacherle…

passed on at age 98, if you please.

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