Saturday, August 7, 2010


In most areas of my life, I tend to chronic lateness, but when it comes to democracy, I'm an Early Ballot type of guy (this is entirely due, of course, to the efficiency of The Wife).

Today I dropped our early ballots for the Arizona Democratic Primary into the mail, & they included our votes for my old New Times pal, the brilliant, fearless, tireless John Dougherty. I can't recall ever being prouder of a vote. I urge all my fellow AZ Dems to support John's candidacy, & I hope I get the chance to urge all thoughtful, principled AZ Republicans to vote for him against whichever unsuitable clod their party puts up in the general election.

RIP to mime & dancer Lorene Yarnell, half of Shields & Yarnell, who has passed on at 66.

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