Thursday, August 19, 2010


This weekend MadCap Theater in downtown Tempe offers a double feature of the 1990 cult favorite Troll 2 & the movie about that movie, Best Worst Movie (check here tomorrow for the review of the latter). So…

Monster-of-the-Week: …this week our honoree(s) is/are any or all of Troll 2’s Goblins from the mysterious town of Nilbog...

These fanged, furry forest dwellers, who can assume human shape, are strict vegetarians, but are fond of using magic to transform human victims into plants so that they can eat them. So apparently their vegetarianism stems from a concern for their health rather than from ethical motives.

The film, an Italian production shot in Utah under the working title Goblin, is a sequel in title only to 1986’s Troll, a laugh-riot in its own right but not the nutjob classic that is Troll 2. Both films are available on a double-bill DVD from MGM/UA, & Troll 2 may be viewed in its entirety here. Still, check it out at MadCap if you can—it would be much funnier shared with an audience.

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