Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Wife & I are back from watching our erratic Diamondbacks take on the Toronto Blue Jays. Nice to see the Maple Leaf flying over Chase Field, & to hear “O, Canada” beautifully sung before the game. The D-bax struck the Blue Jays starter, poor Dana Eveland (formerly, briefly, a Diamondback), for eight runs in the early innings, & that, in combination with a fine performance on the mound by the D-bax starter Edwin Jackson, led to an 8-5 win for the hometown lads.

We also returned with the evening’s ballpark schwag, the Diamondbacks Garden Gnome, already on sentry duty on my bookcase:

(photo credit: The Wife)

Since the passage of the reprehensible SB1070, there has been talk of boycotting the Diamondbacks because of team co-owner Ken Kendrick’s chumminess with Republican causes. I disagree with the idea, on the grounds that while Kendrick certainly is a major donor to Republican douchebags, he’s also clearly stated his opposition to SB1070. I would have greatly preferred it if, like Robert Sarver & “Los Suns,” the D-bax had made some impressive public gesture against the measure, but I still think that boycotting the team (for any reason other than the miserable bullpen pitching) is misguided.

Even so, I hasten to point out that I bought these tickets (& tickets to one other game, in September), long before SB1070 was signed into law. Also, the seats were in the All You Can Eat Section, so even if I supported the boycott, the only way I could make the Diamondbacks suffer economically would be to go to the game & stuff myself with as many hotdogs as possible. I did my best.

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