Thursday, May 27, 2010


Out on DVD this week is The Road, last year’s film version of Cormac McCarthy’s novel. You can read my review here.

Monster-of-the-Week: This week’s honoree comes from a cruder post-doomsday vision: The Day the World Ended, Roger Corman’s 1955 melodrama about a handful of survivors of said atomic apocalypse who take refuge in a cabin & squabble with each other when they aren’t being menaced by this bug-eyed mutant creature from the next valley over:

This irritable-looking abomination was created (& played, under the suit) by Corman’s premiere monster-maker, Paul Blaisdell.

A figurine version:

This film, by the way, inspired the strange 1982 Wim Wenders movie The State of Things.

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