Thursday, June 28, 2012


RIP to Nora Ephron, departed too early at 71. Ephron penned many screenplays, including that of arguably the best-written of the modern “chick flicks,” When Harry Met Sally. But I hope she’s also remembered for her journalism and essays. Check out her early collections Crazy Salad (1975) and Scribble Scribble (1978) and you’ll see how good she was.

A previously undiscovered species of trapdoor spider has been noticed by science, after spending countless millennia right under the nose of civilization, in Alabama.


Monster-of-the-Week: …in honor of Myrmekiaphila tigris, let’s give the nod to the titanic title character of Bert I. Gordon’s judicial-sounding 1958 opus Earth vs. The Spider, a denizen of a cave close to a small town.

This is one hip arthropod—thought dead and stored in a high school gym, he’s revived by the sound of a rehearsing rock band.

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