Thursday, April 19, 2012


In recognition of actor Luke Askew’s passing…

Monster-of-the-Week: …let’s give the nod to the title character of The Beast Within, a 1982 shocker about a kid, the product of a rape, who starts to molt into a vengeful cicada monster when he turns seventeen.

It’s a pretty unpleasant, unsavory ‘80s sickie, but it has a wonderful cast—Ronny Cox, Bibi Besch, L.Q. Jones, R.G. Armstrong, Logan Ramsey and Askew, as the hapless mortician…

RIP also to American Bandstand host Dick Clark, passed on at 82. My favorite of his TV appearances was this cameo on the ‘60s-era Batman series, in which the Caped Crusader observes how you can tell he’s from Philadelphia because “he dipped his diphthong…”


  1. As I write this, Daishin is gleefully watching that movie. A few minutes ago, she made me watch the scene when the dog drops the severed hand next to the couple as they're making out.

  2. Yes, it's a breezy, sparkling romp, isn't it?