Monday, April 9, 2012


Hope everybody had a great Easter/Passover weekend. Friday The Wife, The Kid and I, along with some of The Wife’s cronies from her Day Gig, went to Chase Field for Opening Day and got see the spectacle of a good, tense Diamondbacks win over the Giants, 5-4. Giants great Tim Lincecum had a bad first inning, and the D-bax were able to hang in there. We were in the outfield picnic tables, and had a blast.

In other excellent news, my pal Barry Graham’s novel The Wrong Thing

…has been nominated for a Spinetingler Award, sharing the category with the likes of Lawrence Block.

The Kid and I caught up with Mirror Mirror, a live-action comic retelling of Snow White that’s been sort of lost in the Hunger Games shuffle. It’s no Princess Bride, which it badly seems to want to be, but it’s not a bad picture; the cast—Julia Roberts as the Wicked Queen, Armie Hammer as the Charming Prince, Nathan Lane, Mare Winningham, and especially the unsentimental Dwarves—give it some buoyancy, and Lily Collins as Snowie herself is very sweet. There’s even a Bollywood-style number at the finale.

Here’s a pic of Your Humble Narrator, seemingly annoying the cast of the upcoming Dark Shadows, taken by The Kid in the lobby of the theater after the movie…

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