Thursday, October 27, 2011


Your Humble Narrator had the honor to be a classmate, back at dear old Harbor Creek High, of a pleasant fellow named Robin Swope. Though he was an unusual & interesting guy even back then, nothing would have prepared me for the course his life took: he became a Christian minister & missionary, & also a paranormal investigator.

Robin writes a blog called The Paranormal Pastor, contributes to publications like Fate magazine, & is the author of such works as An Exorcist’s Field Guide. He recently sent me an early Halloween gift: a copy of his latest tome, Eerie Erie: Tales of the Unexplained from Northwest Pennsylvania (The History Press, $14.99), a fun review of uncanny folklore from my beloved gloomy hometown of Erie & its gloomy environs.

The book covers subjects ranging from UFOs over Presque Isle to “Phantom Panthers” in Summit Township & Edinboro to Bigfoot sightings in Wintergreen Gorge, from Gudgeonville Bridge & Axe Murder Hollow to sightings of the ghosts of Perry’s sailors from Misery Bay, to…

Monster-of-the-Week: …this week’s honoree, the Lake Erie Storm Hag…

…our own Great Lakes version of a perennial sailors legend, sometimes known as Jennie Greenteeth. Fetchingly equipped with green skin, green fangs & cat-like yellow eyes, the Storm Hag is fond of preying upon sailors when their vessels are caught in bad weather. According to Swope, she’s also a gifted singer who, just before she attacks, likes to serenade her victims thusly:

Come into the water, love,
Dance beneath the waves,
Where dwell the bones of sailor lads
Inside my saffron caves.


  1. apparently the short lived children's television program Eerie, Indiana was based on your childhood. Names and States had to be changed to protect the innocent of course.

  2. It made me furious when they set that freakin' show in Indiana instead of where it belonged...