Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One of my great pleasures in visiting my beloved hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania—in the warmer months, that is—has to be partaking of the delicious Italian ice at Rita’s on Gore Road. So you can imagine my delight in learning that there are now two Rita’s locations here in the Valley, where we really need them: at 4730 E. Indian School in Phoenix, & at 83rd Avenue & Union Hills in Glendale.

RIP to the beautiful Diane Cilento, of Tom Jones, The Agony and the Ecstasy & The Wicker Man, among other films, departed at 78, & to the fine character actress Doris Belack, best known as the keen-minded, intrigued soap opera producer in Tootsie & as a tough judge on many episodes of Law & Order, passed on at 85.

RIP also, by the way, to the 2011 season of the Arizona Diamondbacks, regrettably ended last Friday after Game Five of a superb National League Division Series with the Milwaukee Brewers. Looking forward to next season, boys. For a change.

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