Sunday, May 22, 2011


Apparently either The Rapture didn’t happen, or, as also seems plausible, so few of the contemporary faithful made the cut that their absence hasn’t yet been noticed. In any case, this afternoon The Wife, The Kid & Your Humble Narrator went to Chase Field to see the Diamondbacks scratch out a 3-2 win over the Minnesota Twins, completing a three-game sweep…

Pink D-bax hat from the Team Shop with insipid Minnie Mouse image on it: $25. Pink flowery children’s bat & ball from the Team Shop: $18. Tossing the ball to your kid after the game & watching her belt it out of your freakin' back yard? Seriously priceless…

(photo credits: The Wife)

RIP to Ross Hagen of Daktari, among many, many TV shows & movies, departed at 72. RIP also to the fascinating Leonard Kastle, passed on at 82. Kastle spent most of his career as a composer & director of operas, more than one of which was presented on NBC TV back in the ‘60s. But he also wrote & directed one movie, The Honeymoon Killers (1970), a minor classic of true-crime luridness.

Finally, RIP to songwriter & filmmaker Joseph Brooks, notorious for “You Light Up My Life,” dead at 73, apparently by his own hand. In recent years his life had become about as grim & tabloid-scummy as The Honeymoon Killers.


  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait til she can go to a Seawolves game and run around the field.