Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Your Humble Narrator is by no means immune to the appeal of a big overproduced superhero movie, & has been looking forward to Thor, opening this weekend. But although I was an avid Marvel Comics reader as a kid, I never read Thor—not even once, as I recall.

So I stopped by All About Books & Comics  on Central & picked up three random issues of Thor from the ‘70s—the period in which I would have been reading them—just to get a feel for it before seeing the flick. They were great to read, but this one, from 1975, was my favorite:

I loved that the villain was “The Absorbing Man.” I thought, wow, a supervillain whose evil superpower is just that he’s really, really interesting…

RIP to Jackie Cooper, passed on at 88. His memoir, Please Don’t Shoot My Dog, is a fine read.

A pal sent me this news story, for its Tom Robbins-ish first line. I didn’t even know you could get high on bath salts…

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