Monday, May 29, 2017


Hope everybody is having a fun, safe, grateful and reflective Memorial Day weekend. My holiday wish is that fewer and fewer honorees for the day be created in the years to come.

Today also marks an infinitely less auspicious occasion: This is the tenth anniversary of Less Hat, Moorhead. Yes, it was with this post on this date ten years ago (on livejournal, I moved it to blogspot early in 2010) that Your Humble Narrator began enriching humankind with my reviews, musings, platitudes, timid suggestions, milquetoast ditherings and passionate sermons to the choir. To anyone who has stopped by my little corner of the web and taken the time to read my stuff during those eventful years, I'm genuinely appreciative.

This weekend I had the pleasure to sit on two panels at Phoenix Comicon, one, on Friday morning, about the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and another, on Saturday morning, about the ape in pop culture. The panels were great fun; getting into Phoenix Convention Center wasn't. After a disturbing, potentially horrifying incident Thursday, thankfully resolved without injury, security was massively tightened, and lines of thousands of people curled around the building.

But the crowds mostly kept their good humor, the people-watching was lively, and considering the curve they'd been thrown, I thought the Convention Center security staff handled the matter more courteously and efficiently than might have been expected. And at least I wasn't dressed as Groot, or in some other heat-stroke-inducing get-up. The outfit for my cosplay character, Paunchy Bald Middle-Aged Arrested Adolescent Man, remained surprisingly comfortable.

While I was there, I also got to see the trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Dunkirk, in a literal trailer...

...equipped with some sort of special sound system that created a dreadful, seat-shuddering sense of being immersed in the event. Potent.


  1. Your so-called ditherings remain both amusing and informative. How about another 10 years?

    1. Most kind of you as always, Steve. If you'll keep on stopping by, I'll try for another ten.

  2. 10 years? Not possible. And to think it's all some crazed Scotsman's fault that you are doing this at all! (If memory serves, that is.) And he has since fled the country to boot (cause and effect?). Glad to hear that your Cosplay was a hit. I was there as designated Dad as you have already heard. Anyway keep up the excellent work with "Less Hat..." and I'll probably see ya for Black & White Night in a few days.


  3. Your memories serves you well! Good to know you're still out there!