Wednesday, November 9, 2016


My vote for Hillary Clinton is the proudest I’ve ever cast, not only because I think she could be a good president but also because our new President-Elect represents everything I don’t want America to stand for—bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, greed, ignorance, fear, spite. I don’t believe it’s likely that he can be a good or even a minimally competent President, even by right-wing conservative standards. I do believe that he can be a deeply dangerous one, by any standards.

An apolitical friend of mine emailed me overnight to express his astonishment at the outcome, saying that it reminded him of gag candidacies of past decades, like Pat Paulsen or Linda Lovelace. I’d take Pat or Linda over the current choice. Leaving for work this morning, The Wife said “If I wanted an orange president, I would have voted for Carrot Top. He’s smarter.”

I’m not in despair, but I am terrified. God help us.

Please excuse me if I don’t want to debate about this, at least not yet. If I’m wrong, if all of us—ALL of us—are in for smooth or at least safe sailing ahead, great. But at least in the short term, I’m not optimistic.

Peace, everybody. Love you all.


  1. Heading back to Scotland soon. I don't know what this country is anymore.

  2. Amen. Grandmother would have been ashamed of this election and it's outcome.