Thursday, August 4, 2016


Just what you want on your Thursday—a big three-course feast of M.V.!

First, check out my essay, on the New Times blog, on the 40th anniversary of the movie Network

Second, Your Humble Narrator was informed that I’m mentioned in a "Throwback Thursday" column in this week’s SHOWcase, the arts & leisure supplement of the Erie Times-News to which I proudly contributed for many years. The reference is to a cover story I did in 1983 on the premise that Bugs Bunny is the embodiment of the All-American everyman hero.

What makes me happiest is that the wonderful cover art for the story, drawn by my BFF Ron Strecker, is reproduced…

It holds up, whether the article (which, I can now confess, was really just an abridgement of a college term paper I’d written) does or not.

If even that’s not enough Moorhead for you, the August issue of Phoenix Magazine, now on the stands...

...includes my reviews of Joe’s Midnight Run (page 143, or here) and of four new-ish Valley eateries (page 144, or here).

Oh yeah, and for dessert… 

Monster-of-the-Week: …since we’re on the subject of Bugs Bunny, this week let’s give the nod to the monster he turns into…

 …at the end of 1955’s Hyde and Hare.

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