Tuesday, August 11, 2015


RIP to my friend and Phoenix Film Critics Society colleague Stan Robinson, passed on yesterday at 68.

Stan had become a film reviewer for AZ Weekly after he retired from a long career on the production side of movies and TV; he worked, in various capacities, on movies ranging from Passenger 57 to Van Sant’s To Die For to Psycho IV: The Beginning.

But he was at least as much a movie fan as a movie maker—he was one of the happiest and most devoted screening rats I’ve ever known, never missing anything if he could help it. He struggled with poor health and other challenges over the last few years, always with an inspirationally upbeat attitude. He was a really sweet guy, and we’ll miss him.


  1. My condolences, Mark. Stan was an awesome dude for sure -- and knew his film stuff!
    --Deborah Muller

  2. My empathy to you Mark...thinking of you..

  3. My empathy to you Mark...thinking of you..