Thursday, April 2, 2015


RIP to Isaac Heller, co-founder of Remco Toys, passed on at 88. Like most kids, especially boys, of my generation, I had some history as a Remco customer, but one Remco item I never had, alas, was…

Monster-of-the-Week: …this week’s honoree, Horrible Hamilton...

The most badass of the giant space bugs featured in the Hamilton Invader line of the mid '60s, Hamilton was a mandibled abomination who trundled along the floor in response to a pull-string. The playsets also included, in various combinations, a smaller giant beetle and giant spider, as well as blue soldiers and various armaments and vehicles to do battle with the aliens. These sets are rare and expensive collectors’ items now, but…a friend of mine, one of those insufferable little freaks who actually took good care of his toys, still has his freakin’ Horrible Hamilton set in mint condition, and...his Hamilton’s pull-string still freakin’ works!

Back in the ‘80s, my pal’s Hamilton played the title role in a short movie, written by Your Humble Narrator and produced by the Communications Department of Gannon University, called Grok: Creature From Lake Erie, which was actually shown on the local late-night horror show, then hosted by Sir Robert Ghoulini—one of the high points, I must admit, of my 20s. But alas, as far as I know no video of Grok is extant.

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