Sunday, August 3, 2014


Happy August everybody!

While The Kid hung out at a pal’s house for the evening, The Wife and I betook ourselves to Chase Field last night for Zombie Bobblehead night, to watch the Diamondbacks take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Despite a pretty solid performance by starter Chase Anderson, it ended up a wretched 8-3 rout of the reptiles by the Bucs. Reliever Randall Delgado plunked poor blameless Andrew McCutchen in the back in the 9th inning...

...apparently in retaliation for Ernesto Frieri’s pitch that broke Paul Goldscmidt’s hand Friday night, but we even missed this bit of ugly spectacle, having left in disgust by that time. We heard it on the car radio on the way home. But it was a fun evening out anyway, and since the Pirates were my Dad’s beloved team it was nice to picture him smiling at the outcome.

I was pleased, anyway, to see that the local boys managed a 3-2 win over the Pirates this afternoon, albeit on a controversial walk-off play.

Speaking of August, check out my story on page 98 of this month’s Phoenix Magazine, on hot Valley neighborhoods.

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