Tuesday, May 6, 2014


After more than twenty years in AZ, Your Humble Narrator finally made it to the Grand Canyon (I had seen it once from an airplane to Vegas, but was assured that this wasn’t the same, and indeed it wasn’t). The trip was for a Wrangler News story about the visit of the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir from Germany, one of the oldest such choirs in Europe (founded 975 A.D.!). Both the view and the music were quite mind-blowing. Here are a couple of pictures of Yours Humbly taken by Wrangler News photographer Billy Hardiman:

In that last one I’m posing with Tempe Sister Cities co-founder Dick Neuheisel, and Hans Shaidinger, the Mayor of Regensburg. The imbecilic look on my face is mostly a product of terror; we were far too close to edge for my taste. Anyway, I can’t say I ever thought that I’d find myself chatting about BMWs with the Mayor of Regensburg, Germany on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Then last week, thanks to a kind gift of passes by a friend, The Wife, The Kid and I got to go see the Chihuly show at Desert Botanical Gardens…

Good show, but my reaction to his work, as before, is that it’s cool but unsettling—his sculptures have a teeming, seething look, like alien invasive species.

Check out this month’s issue of Phoenix Magazine

…for my profile of Tyler Severance, a world yo-yo champion based here in the Valley. It’s on Page 35, or you can preview it here.


  1. You are so well....at the risk of being too honest...your self depreciation is refreshing!! I would still like to see the Grand Canyon!!!

  2. It looks like they are taking you into custody. Looks way to close to me too.

  3. Most kind, Marlirey. Tom, I just couldn't believe how little there was in the way of railing--you'd glance over, and two or three steps away would be a drop of several thousand feet...