Thursday, June 30, 2011


It’s the last day of June, thus…

Monster-of-the-Week: …our last day to do something bridal. How, therefore, can we not honor the greatest Bride in all Monster-dom, the title character in one of the greatest of all monster movies (& also one of the greatest of all sequels), 1935’s The Bride of Frankenstein

Played by Elsa Lanchester (who also plays author Mary Shelley in the film’s opening scene), the Bride, fashioned by Drs. Frankenstein & Pretorius as a mate for the lonely monster (Boris Karloff), rejects her poignantly eager groom with piercing shrieks every time he approaches her. Not one for wheedling or “just being friends,” the monster pronounces “We belong dead” & blows up the laboratory, Pretorius, the Bride & himself. It’s possible he got off easy—something about The Bride’s quick, bird-like head movements, wide-eyed, wary stare & stand-offish manner suggest that as a wife, she would have been, to put it mildly, high-maintenance.


  1. Would you believe they are re-making this? Of course, you would. They are re-making everything. Neil Burger is working on it. I think there are 5 Frankenstein projects being developed right now. Kind of insane.

    I'm still having issues downloading SUPER EIGHT DAYS. This might push me to finally getting a kindle.

  2. No, I didn't know that, Phil, but you're right, I don't have a hard time believing it. It's already been remade once, you know, in 1985, simply as "The Bride," with Sting as Dr. Frankenstein, Clancy Brown as the Monster, & Jennifer Beals in the title role. '80s enough for ya?
    I'm sorry you're having a hard time getting S8D, & I really appreciate your interest, but quite aside from my little book, I really would recommend the Kindle. The Wife got me one two Christmases ago, & though I was extremely touched by the gesture I wasn't sure how much use I'd really get out of it. Turns out I love it, & use it constantly.