Thursday, October 14, 2010


Like so many people worldwide, I found I didn’t get tired of watching Chilean miners getting pulled out of that hole in the ground. In their honor...

Monster-of-the-Week: …let’s give the nod to this guy…

He’s one of the Cornish undead in Plague of the Zombies. What, besides putrifying, are these wretched carcasses doing wandering around 19th-Century Cornwall, you may ask?


Turns out the haughty local Squire (John Carson), who picked up some mad voodoo skills during his youth in Haiti (or “Hi-YAY-tee,” as it’s pronounced in this movie), has enslaved them in order to put them to work in his tin mine: The ultimate scabs.

This 1966 creeper is available on DVD. It also played just last weekend on TCM, as part of the channel’s October tribute to Hammer films, which continues this Friday with a quartet of the studio’s “Mummy” chillers, including The Mummy’s Shroud & Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb.

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