Saturday, June 5, 2010


Like just about everybody else who cares one way or another, including umpire Jim Joyce himself, I hate it that Joyce’s blown call at first base stole what would have been a perfect game from Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga Wednesday night. I also hate it that baseball commissioner Bud Selig has declined to overrule the call & credit Galarraga as deserved. But I have to say, I like this story anyway—I love that Joyce seemed far more busted-up about it than Galarraga did, & I love the relaxed, good-humored way that Galarraga took it, & I really hope that everybody involved maintains their dignity & gracious sportsmanship the way they have so far. This is the sort of sports story that actually does provide role models.

Also, bitter though it may be now, in the long run Galarraga & Joyce may see that what happened is likely destined to become a Legendary Baseball Moment, & that being part of one of those is, in its way, more precious than a perfect game.

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