Thursday, April 8, 2010


RIP to actor Christopher Cazenove, who has passed on at 64.

In response to my Ikea post Monday, someone sent me these revised Ikea instructions of a slightly more lascivious nature:

Monster-of-the-Week: I’ve been on quite a stop-motion kick since the release of (the non-stop-motion) Clash of the Titans last week, which got me jazzed up to see Ray Harryhausen’s 1981 original again (about which more soon). So this week let’s give the nod to a stop-motion beastie from Flesh Gordon, the silly 1974 porn spoof.

This week’s honoree is a giant, animated by David Allen & Rob Maine, & known as “The Great God Porno,” or “Nesuahyrrah” (spell it backwards), or simply “The Monster.”

Brought to life in the climactic scenes of the film, this ogre, who bears some resemblance to Harryhausen’s Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth & to the Kraken from the original Clash, makes off-the-cuff remarks like “A Monster’s work is never done” in a casual, lounge-lizard voice provided by Craig T. Nelson, near the beginning of his career.

The wonderful sequence can be viewed here. I love the moment when The Monster, trying to impress the lovely Dale Ardor, tells her “This is the Tower of Murder, and…it’s where I hang out.”

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