Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hope everybody had a great St. Paddy’s. The Wife & I (& Lily) celebrated with corned beef & coleslaw sandwiches from Zax Café at 24th Ave. & Northern. Yum!

Monster-of-the-Week: In honor of J.D. Hayworth, this week let’s give the nod to a hideous abomination—nothing less than a union of man & horse! It’s the Nuckelavee, a nightmare from the folklore of the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland. The beastie, who rises out of the sea to terrorize hapless islanders, has a man-like torso with massive arms & a huge head & a great gaping mouth, all growing right out of the back of a horrible horse body. He’s skinless, with black blood & reeking breath that can kill crops. Plus, he has fins. He makes you wonder if some ancient Orcadian storyteller was trying to scare some particularly tough, unimpressed little kids, & just had to keep wildly embellishing.

Here are several renderings of the Nuckster…

& here he is as Number 66 in the “Monster in My Pocket” series…

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