Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Odds & ends from a good Superbowl weekend:

Have you seen the new official portrait of the Supreme Court?

My pal Dave referred me to this awesome website, in which moviemakers comment on the trailers of their favorite movies. It’s addictive!

Breaking showbiz news: According to Variety, Taylor Lautner, the werewolf kid from the new Twilight flick, is slated to star in a movie version of Stretch Armstrong, the 70s-era toy. What’s next—GI Joe With Lifelike Hair: The Motion Picture?

My fellow Great Lakes-area Rust Belters may feel a nostalgic pang when I mention walleye or "yellow pike," that sublime freshwater delicacy...

If so, be advised: there’s a fast-food chain out of Wisconsin called Culver’s that has opened a couple of locations here in the Valley, including one quite near my place at Metro Center. Culver’s is offering walleye, for a limited time only. Get thee down there & enjoy; you may well see me leaving with a large carry-out bag.

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