Monday, March 18, 2019


Hope everybody had a great St. Paddy's Day yesterday. Here's some impressive art that my great-niece and a friend did in my brother's driveway in Florida...

Being some quarter-Irish myself, I made a pretty big weekend of it; at his movie night, my film historian pal Richard showed us the 1929 half-silent, half-sound version of The Informer, one of the earliest British talkies. The silent half is great; the talkie half curdles like bad Kerrygold Dubliner. Saturday night I re-watched the 1935 John Ford version of The Informer, while having my annual shot of Bushmill's. Drinking, fighting, lying, singing, drinking, fighting. Fantastic movie. Then Sunday The Wife and I waited most of an hour at Mimi's, of all places, which was packing in us green-clad oldsters for a portion of corned beef and cabbage apparently intended to re-create one of the famines. What there was of the beef was tender and yummy, however. I also took down Great Irish Tales of Terror, edited by Peter Haining, to read Gerald Griffin's wonderfully weird 1827 yarn "The Unburied Legs."

Check out Phoenix Magazine online for my interview with John Fusco and John Lee Hancock, screenwriter and director of The Highwaymen, scheduled to open here in the Valley on March 22...


  1. Looks like your link is not working.

    1. Thanx for the heads-up; Phoenix Mag's website is undergoing some maintenance & updating, so some of the links to my stuff there may not work, or not for a while, but I think I have this one fixed. Thanx for reading!