Friday, May 23, 2014


Monster-of-the-Week will be on hiatus for a while, and bloggage in general is likely to be light in the coming weeks and months, while Your Humble Narrator attempts to make some progress on a couple of pressing projects.

If this leaves you tragically bereft of anything to read, let me suggest Barry Graham’s brief, badass novella One for My Baby, available on Amazon Kindle...

This noir quickie is violent, erotic, and capped, in its jolting climax, with an unexpectedly cheeky dash of black comedy. Set, as so often with Graham, in the bars and crashpads of Phoenix, this gripping tale is about as much fun as $2.99 can buy you these days (a dead-tree edition is also available, for a few bucks more).

Have a great summer everybody!


  1. Get back here and expand this review. This subtle economic precis and social satire(coupled with all of Sir Grahams usual obsessions) is a piece worthy of Manchette at his best. Upon your return you may be in for further chastisement. In the meantime enjoy your well deserved break.

  2. You're right, Steve, so tell you what, I'll expand it here--there's a debate about "The Wealth of Nations" in this story that filled my heart with joy, coming in the circumstances that it does. Anything more would probably fall under the category of spoiler. I await your chastisement with unseemly eagerness.