Thursday, May 2, 2013


RIP to lovely Deanna Durbin, a box-office powerhouse in the ‘30s for a string of sunny musicals, passed on at 91. But in the end, she may be just as vividly remembered by noir fans, for her turn in 1944’s neglected Christmas Holiday.

RIP also to Allan Arbus, best known as Dr. Freedman on M*A*S*H but also memorable as a bad guy in Coffy, passed on at 95. Odd, somehow, to think that he was older than Deanna Durbin.

You can well imagine my excitement when I read the headline “Monster suing SF City Attorney.” Instantly I had visions of some shaggy, scaly, fanged, tentacled abomination sitting in some Bay Area civil court, his multiple eyes filled with righteous indignation over some miscarriage of justice. But then I read on—it was just…

Monster-of-the-Week: …the mysterious creature that leaves these claw marks…

…as the logo of the like-named energy drinks. The litigious company is put out with the City Attorney because he wants them to stop pushing their jitter-juice to minors.

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