Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Here’s a creepy vintage card for you:

The Wife & I watched the BAFTA awards on BBC America last night. The sweep by The King’s Speech was predictable; the shocker, for me, was the necrology: both Ingrid Pitt & Tura Satana were included, but Lynn Redgrave, who passed on last May, was omitted! It was awesome to see Christopher Lee get the BAFTA Fellowship award. When he mentioned how honored he was to receive the award from presenter Tim Burton, “one of the great directors of our age,” I felt like I was seeing a daydream from Burton’s childhood.

RIP to that buoyant blacklistee Betty Garrett of On the Town, Neptune’s Daughter & other MGM musicals, known later as Archie Bunker’s neighbor Irene Lorenzo on All in the Family, departed at 91. RIP also to the splendid Kenneth Mars, passed on at 75, familiar from the original Mel Brooks  The Producers, Young Frankenstein & What’s Up, Doc? A riot is an ugly thing, unt I think that it is just about time that we had one!


  1. We would make a happy…what? A happy pie? A happy frisbee? A happy discus? What is he holding…

    Oh…I get it…he’s wearing two red socks for Valentines Day… two socks… a 'pair' of socks... a pair/pear… “We would make a happy pear!” How delicious!

    No…really… there is only one pear character on the card…shouldn’t the words read: "We would make a pear happy?"

  2. Huh--here I thought it meant, "We would make a happy fence..."