Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Baby June herself, June Havoc, has passed on at 97...

RIP to her. Your Humble Narrator reached the less impressive but still shocking age of 48 this past Friday. The Wife softened the blow from this appalling & quite unexpected turn of events by taking me to Havana Cafe on Camelback, where I feasted on a pot of seriously succulent sailor's paella. Highly recommended.

Then Sunday night we watched Everybody's Fine, in which widower Robert DeNiro learns that his kids routinely lie to him about how they're doing, out of fear of dissappointing him. The film was marketed as a mild comedy of family dysfunction, but it's really a drama, & despite its smooth, serene pace, it packs more of a punch than might be expected. There's a moment near the end, when DeNiro is shown a painting, that jerks tears fair & square.

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