Thursday, January 21, 2010


Recently I was sent a picture from an evening I remember very vividly in 1986...

It's from the last night of the existence of the radio station WSEG-FM, where I worked graveyard at the time, & the frequency for which had been awarded to a competitor, WJET, who would be taking it over at midnight. In the forground, wearing the hat, is station owner Ron Seggi, now a Florida-based fixture in syndicated radio. Many good pals are in the crowd, including one of my closest & most oft-referred-to cronies, Stan, who's skulking at the very rear of the pack.

I'm at the far left in the Hawaiian shirt. Don't I look like I should be some shaky low-rent coke dealer who gives information to Philip Michael Thomas on Miami Vice?

My most vivid memory of that evening is all of us gathered in the studio as midnight approached, playing whatever we felt like, singing along to "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Amazing to think that was two & a half decades ago. The song still holds true.

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